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Special offers

Attention! Attention!
February comes to an end so it's perfect time to present the best products from the past year!
In 2017 our customers chosen 7 HITS from all sections which are cheaper by

The most often bought female clothing was lady's Cottehardie, while in male clothing - Joined Hose. The favorite product, fitting both men and women, was a Coat made from Semicircle with no Lining. Bestselling headwear was Straw Hat type 1, while in arming garment from HMB line - Torunament Gambeson mark I. Among tents you've been choosing a Pavilion with One Pole (cotton) and among furniture - a Bench type 1.

Remember that the time of our offer is limited. This year it will last for two weeks, from 22.02.2018 till 08.03.2018, 12:00 p.m..

FREE shipment of tents within European Union!!!

We cover all delivery costs of all tents that we have in our offer. This covers all European Union destinations.

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