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Category: New Products

This is list of our products which were added to our offer in last 2 months.

Products quantity: 3

Simple civil belt

Simple civil belt which is 1cm wide, made of natural leather, smooth, without ferrule. The belt is decorated with a buckle (based on English findings). ...

Century: XIII, XIV

PRICE from: 30.00 EUR

Wide black knight’s belt with ten round mountsSzeroki czarny skrzany pas rycerski z dziesicioma okrgymi nabijkami (4cm diameter). Based on Ludwig von ttingen’s appearance on his tombs...

Century: XIV, XV

PRICE from: 179.00 EUR

Narrow civil belt with rhombus/ lily embossing. It is also decorated with 12 round mounts (0.9 cm diameter). ...

Century: XIII, XIV, XV

PRICE from: 69.00 EUR

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