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Chain mail with long sleeves (round rivets)

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV

Riveted chain mail with long sleeves, length above knees was used from X century until the beginning of XIV century.

The chain mail is made of thousands linked flattened steel rings with an inner diameter of 9 mm. The rings are made of a wire which diameter was 1,1 mm. In each row press stamped rings are placed in turns with riveted rings (with round rivets). The chain mail is oxidized.

The history of using chain mails is very long. For a great part of Middle Ages, up to XIII century the chain mail served as a basic protection for a knight. After this period, the length of the chain mail and the sleeves shortens. Thanks to the possibility of purchasing additional tools for riveting, you can adjust the chain mail to your needs.

Available items:
4x M
15x XL
3x XXL

Available sizes (please place the chosen size in the additional information in your order form)*:
M- maximum girth of the chainmail- 126cm, maximum length- 90 cm, weight- 9,4 kg (mMoS1282)
XL- maximum girth of the chainmail- 150 cm, maximum length- 100cm, weight 11,8 kg (mMoS1284)
XXL- maximum girth of the chainmail- 162 cm, maximum length- 112cm, weight- 13,1kg (mMoS1285)

*All measurements are maximal, taken from a chainmail lying flat. Please remember, that with the chainmail stretched out, its length can decrease. It's advised to use a chainmail which maximum girth is at least a couple of centimeters wider than the girth of a user's torso in a gambeson.
The weight of the product can differ from the given one for +/- 5%.

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMoS1282see descriptionAverage 399.00 EUR
mMoS1284see descriptionAverage 495.00 EUR
mMoS1285see descriptionAverage 549.00 EUR

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