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Category: Male clothing > arming garments

Coat of Arms Tunic

Century: XIV, XV

A fourteen-century outer tunic, put on an armor. The cut is our interpretation of the image from Günther von Schwarzburg's tomb.
The tunic is made of wool with linen lining. At the bottom it is widened with eight gussets. The tunic is tied with a twine on the sides, in a similar color to the whole, what allows to fit it better to the body.

Coat of Arms Tunics were very popular in XIV and XV century. Coats of arms were placed on them, to easily recognize knights during tournaments or on the battlefield.

This cut of tunic is modeled on a tunic depicted on the Günther von Schwarzburg's tomb in Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral in Frankfurt.

Caution. The basic version of the tunic does not include a crest.

By customer request there is a possibility of modification, according to individual project. In that case, every order has individual pricing.
Modification examples:
- two or more colours of tunic,
- application according to individual project.

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
PMWS1257WoolAverage 117.00 EUR

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