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Splint rerebrace (hardened)

Century: XIV, XV

A pair of rerebraces made of high-quality, spring steel plates (3cm wide) riveted to thick (ca 4 mm) leather. The metal plates are shaped and hardened to maximise their durability. The splint rerebraces are fastened with buckles and they have additional holes for fastening them onto the gambeson using leather bindings.

Available sizes:
S/M: biceps circumference 32-39 cm
L/XL: biceps circumference 39-47 cm

ATTENTION: the measurements should be taken while wearing your gambeson

Available items:

id 334 - brown, leather, S/M

id 335 - natural, leather, S/M

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMoR1232see descriptionHigh 115.00 EUR

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