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English long bow. Medieval Market, English Bow

English long bow

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV

Bow as a weapon is known since ancient times. Used in hunting and warfare, till the invention of crossbow and powder, it was very lethal weapon. With a long striking range, it was able to wreak havoc in enemy lines.
This bow is english long type. Very popular in England, specially in late medieval times. It was mostly used by inferior society groups because of its low price. Longer than standard one, English bow has a wide range of striking, and its effectiveness was proved in many battles during Hundred Year's War, for example battle of Crécy, Poitiers or Azincourt.
Made of glued wood mixed with fiber glass. Outer parts and arms usually from elm or/and sycamore, and core (handle) from decorative wood mostly nut or fruit tree. String is made from waxed dacron – a synthetic polyester fiber. Design of this model consist of a small reflex.

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Draw weight ~50 lbs / 23 kg

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English long bow - Medieval Market, English Bow
English long bow - Medieval Market, english longbow ³uk angielski
English long bow - Medieval Market, english longbow ³uk angielski
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