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Splinted steel thigh protectors type 2

Century: XIV, XV

Thigh protection made of thick (~4mm) leather with riveted steel plates 3cm wide made of spring, hardened steel (1mm thick). Steel plates are specially shaped to maximise their durability. Steel rivets are used to attached plates to the leather. Fastened with two brass buckles. The protectors have two sets of holes to fasten them to quilted legs or belt, and one set to mount additional knee protector (see picture).

Important: The measurements need to be taken while wearing your quilted legs.

Knee protectors are not included, available as a separate product. For details, please click here.

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Available items:

id 331 - brown, leather, L/XL

id 333 - red/raspberry colour, leather, L/XL

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMoR0876see descriptionHigh 147.00 EUR

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