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Bohurt gambeson mark I

Century: XIV, XV

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Available gambesons:

id 600 - linen, blue, girth under armpits=104, length=80, sleeves length=60, average standard

id 606 - linen, naturalny, girth under armpits=128, length=80, sleeves length=66, average standard

This gambeson was designed keeping in mind the needs of competitors in the group tournaments (bohurts) who care most about their safety without lack of mobility. This gambeson gives great protection and amortisation especially for the body parts which are most exposed to injury such as neck, backbone, shoulders, and hips. It is perfect for using it in bohurt fights as well as in individual tournaments. Thanks to this gambeson, you may significantly reduce the risk of getting injured.

This gambeson is fully compatible with other products from HMB line.

The gambeson has a collar and over-the-crotch long. To improve the mobility, the sleeve consists of two elements connected over the elbow and has a gusset under the armpit. Thanks to this design, the sleeve is better adapted to the anatomical shape of the arm. Wrist slits make it easier to put the gambeson on or off. There are also two short cuts on both sides of gambeson for better movement while walking.

- torso below the waist - horizontal
- torso over the waist - vertical
- shoulders and arms - rhombuses
- forearms - close/dense vertical quilting

Construction of padding layers was designed to keep the best possible mobility, keep the weight as low as possible and to protect body part which are most exposed to hits. Layering is illustrated on the picture attached.

Gambeson is closed on the front with 10 pewter casted buttons.

Additional elements:
In standard option, this gambeson has bindings attached to the places where additional arm protectors are usually mounted (shoulders, arms, elbows or forearms protectors).

Size Waist girth Chest girth Height Gambeson's length Sleeve length
S - standard 75-85 cm 85-105 cm 165-180 cm 80 cm 71 cm
S - extended 75-85 cm 85-105 cm 181-195 cm 85 cm 73 cm
M - standard 85-95 cm 95-115 cm 165-180 cm 80 cm 71 cm
M - extended 85-95 cm 95-115 cm 181-195 cm 85 cm 73 cm
L - standard 95-110 cm 105-125 cm 165-180 cm 80 cm 71 cm
L - extended 95-110 cm 105-125 cm 181-195 cm 85 cm 73 cm
XL - standard 110-130 cm 115-135 cm 165-180 cm 80 cm 71 cm
XL - extended 110-130 cm 115-135 cm 181-195 cm 85 cm 73 cm

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMLS0870LinenAverage 209.00 EUR

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