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Tournament quilted separate hose mark I

Century: XIII, XIV, XV

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Available colours and sizes:

id 758 - black, linen, XL

id 759 - grey, linen
A - 102
H - 48
F - 80
G - 56

id 760 - natural, linen
A - 104
H - 37
F - 60
G - 42

id 762 - white, linen, XL

This model of quilted separate hose was designed with thoughts of competitors in the individual tournaments - where most important is to keep balance between mobility and protection. This gambeson gives great protection and amortisation with keeping full mobility. It is compromise between weight and protection. This product is very good to be use in the individual tournaments as well as in bohurt fights - for example with additional full plate legs protectors.

This product is fully compatible with other products from HMB line.

Hoses covered whole leg and have stirrup below the feet. Thanks to special cut in a crotch quilted legs do not difficult the walking. Additionally extending the upper part of quilted legs created additional protection of lover part of hips.

- thigh - vertical
- knee - fine, horizontal
- inside of the knee - none
- calf - vertical

Construction of padding layers was designed to keep the best possible mobility, keep the weight as low as possible and to protect body part which are most exposed to hits. Layering is illustrated on the picture attached.

The product has belt loops in the top for mounting it onto a belt or a suspender belt.

Additional elements:
As standard option, this product has bindings attached to the places where usually additional leg protectors are mounted (thighs or knee protectors).

Height to waist without stapes is shorter by 4 cm!
Height to crotch without stapes is shorter by 5cm!

Size Thigh girth Knee girth Height Height to waist Height to crotch
M - standard <58 cm <38 cm 165-180 cm 100 cm 78 cm
M - extended <58 cm <38 cm 181-195 cm 107 cm 85 cm
L - standard <63 cm <41 cm 165-180 cm 100 cm 78 cm
L - extended <63 cm <41 cm 181-195 cm 107 cm 85 cm
XL - standard <68 cm <44 cm 165-180 cm 100 cm 78 cm
XL - extended <68 cm <44 cm 181-195 cm 107 cm 85 cm

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMLS0868see descriptionAverage 109.00 EUR

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